Integrating Thought, Action, & Place

Through work, we discover the connections between different parts of our lives. Planting on the farm puts potatoes on the dinner table; cutting wood from the woodlot allows us to heat our cabins; mopping the dining room floor expresses care for our shared home. A wide range of physical work enriches intellectual pursuits, helping us integrate thought, action, and place.

Work That Matters

In this spirit, students and faculty participate together in a work program two afternoons a week. Each job they take on is integral to Chewonki’s operation; the work truly matters. Students gain experience by doing, learning skills that will last a lifetime. The satisfaction of good work well done accompanies a sense of companionship that grows from striving together to accomplish a common goal.

Providing Real World Help

During our Community Service Weekend, students work on larger projects such as conducting an energy audit of a residence or repairing fences at a nearby nonprofit. These experiences provide real assistance to people who want it and give students a deeper understanding of Maine. We encourage them to get involved in community service that intersects with their interests and passions.