Food and Energy Systems

The farm consists of approximately 25 acres plus a 150-acre woodlot. One acre of the farmland is cultivated for vegetable production. The gardens are carefully planned and intensively managed, producing 10,000-15,000 pounds of vegetables annually for our dining hall. Extra produce from the farm is donated to a food pantry in the local community. The remainder of the farmland is comprised of pasture for livestock, which we raise for milk, meat, eggs, and fiber; hay fields; buildings; trees; and stone walls.

Renewable Energy

Because we try to live lightly on the land, mindful of our finite resources and the costs of energy, wood from our woodlot helps heat our cabins and is one of the renewable energy sources that help Chewonki as a whole work toward the goal of a low-carbon campus. In the woodlot, students learn to split logs, understand sustainable forestry, and appreciate the labor behind heating with wood.

Agriculture in Balance

In addition to providing food, fiber, and fuel for the community, our small, diversified organic farm helps students develop a complete relationship with the land. You will come to appreciate what happens before food arrives on your table, before your wool sweater slips over your head in the morning, and—especially important during the winter months—before the woodstove warms your cabin.


Meeting the needs of the present generation while preserving the ability of future generations to meet their needs is a core part of our mission. During Maine Coast Semester, students not only learn about sustainability, they live it every day. They learn to split the wood that heats their cabins, install solar panels on our buildings, turn compost, and care for the animals that work for and feed us. In addition, they join thoughtful dialogues about how each of us impacts the natural environment, and how we can work toward meaningful change through advocacy and example.

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