We provide a challenging academic program for a small number of highly motivated, college-bound high school Juniors.


With a 3:1 student-faculty ratio, a rigorous curriculum, and the natural world as a laboratory, Maine Coast Semester challenges you to break through classroom walls and not just learn, but do.

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Over 400 unspoiled acres on the Maine Coast are yours for inspiration, education, and exploration, whether you’re modeling tidal changes, designing energy-friendly buildings, or hiking our network of trails.

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Put your head, heart, and hands to work growing and harvesting food and caring for livestock on our sustainable, working organic farm. You won’t just learn about sustainability, you’ll live it.

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Student Experiences

Each day we live the integration of academics, work, community, and the natural world that makes Maine Coast Semester so unique.

I became more confident, more knowing of my potential, and more passionate about my ambitions.
I became the best person I could be and learned how to be a self-activist, as well as surround myself with subjects and people I am passionate about.
Maine Coast Semester really helped me figure out who I was and where I wanted to go in my life. I picked up a lot of my current interests and hobbies at Chewonki, which have influenced my future choices. I’m going to UVM to be an English major because of Chewonki, because of the outdoor […]
“I have used a thousand words to describe the experience I had at Maine Coast Semester, but they do not do it justice. They do not even begin to reflect the beauty of the place, the people, or the journey I experienced at Chewonki. Writing on this has left me with a heart full of […]
“My time at Maine Coast Semester at Chewonki taught me, among a multitude of other things, to be comfortable with myself. Chewonki didn’t change me from who and what I am, but rather helped me be how I am. This is the magic of Maine Coast Semester.  I found a new capability to grow and […]
“I might never forget the debate we had over GMOs in Environmental Issues — how heated the debate was and how much I learned about the different perspectives that I need to examine about an environmental issue. I also loved all the diversity chats after school on Mondays. Chewonki provided a safe space for everyone […]
“I came to Maine Coast Semester at Chewonki because it was something completely new – a new environment, new friends, new classes, new teachers; the list goes on and on. I’ve lived in New York City my whole life and wanted to spend time outdoors, embracing nature and all that it has to offer. Ever since I was […]


Our student blog

Chewonki Announces Campus Expansion

We are excited to announce a significant round of additions and improvements for Chewonki, including new cabins and facilities for Camp Chewonki for Girls on the east side of Chewonki Neck, updates to the Center for Environmental Education, and new private waterfront area.   The initial round of construction includes modern cabins, a washhouse, indoor and […]

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